the neighborhood children are running around and screaming bloody murder. it’s easter sit ya asses down and find jesus okay. stop with the screaming like your being fucking stabbed. for gods sake it’s easter.

i’ll have to record my video when my uncle is in the shower. but i’ll have to be quiet. i wish he was going somewhere so i can actually record a video and it not being awkward. lmao.

i was trying to record a video but i kept messing up. then my uncle comes home and throws my entire plans off. i was looking at my canon xs which my cousin broke on purpose. i went to charge the battery cause it died this past weekend. anyway i’m rambling, i checked out my external flash. i guess i left batteries inside there and they leaked and there is battery acid inside the external flash. i wanted to know how do you go about cleaning it?

i’m most likely going to shower after my movie is over. than find something else to watch or maybe find something to do that is actually productive.

i have found it. my new icon. this represents me.

i have found it. my new icon. this represents me.


Howl’s Moving Castle + Tropes

it’s easter y’all don’t need to reblog porn. y’all need to reblog bible scriptures. y’all need jesus not the d okay.